Friends of Peanut Park Financial Statement 2019-20

This year, neighbours donated enough money to cover all the operating costs for maintaining the park, and we received a grant from the City to cover the cost of a new storage shed.

As a result, we did not need to use any of the income earned by Winnipeg Foundation’s Friends of Peanut Park Fund to cover expenses this year, and we were able to reinvest $5,000 of that income in the growth of the fund. We retained the rest of the income in our operating account so that we will have sufficient funds at the start of the 2021 gardening season to pay expenses.

The Winnipeg Foundation’s Friends of Peanut Park Fund has grown to $231,433.49 through a combination of reinvestment, donations and growth of capital. The income from this fund is designated to pay for the maintenance of the park in the future.