Charles H. Enderton developed Crescentwood at the beginning of the 20th century. (link to historical note). Here’s how he promoted the subdivision in 1902:Crescentwood ad 1902 cu sm

oldpicyoungtreesHere is a link to the full ad from 1902.

He allocated land for a park, which, in 1902 was dedicated to the City of Winnipeg with conditions relating to the park’s upkeep. A quote from his instructions to the City reads as follows: “provided your board will agree to improve the same and keep it in proper condition as a public park. In order that there should be no misunderstanding, I would require that, as soon as possible, next year, the park be laid out and fenced and trees and shrubs planted in order that the same may be growing and that it be improved from time to time in the harmony with the development and improvements of the abutting property.” Pictures from the early years show the original enhancements and the grand design that is still somewhat evident in the placement of the mature trees and walking paths. It would appear however that Chas Enderton’s dream has not been maintained.


Link to detailed maps of Crescentwood in;1911 and 1917

From the archives of the Rattray family: Margaret Davis with George, Peg and Dorothy, standing on the rear balcony of 829 Grosvenor, approx 1910, showing the park in its early stage in the background.

829 Grosvenor 1910sm

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