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Take 15 minutes to help save Winnipeg’s trees

Winnipeg’s trees are dying at an alarming rate from pests, disease, construction, effects of  climate change, and lack of funding.

If we continue at our current pace of investment in our urban forests, half of Winnipeg’s 3,000,000 trees may be gone by 2040.

But you and your friends help change that!

Trees Please Winnipeg* is asking all levels of government to re-think funding models for urban forests, classify urban forests as “assets”, and treat trees like the valuable infrastructure they are, and invest for the long-term. 

You can help make urban forests a priority for all governments, starting with the Government of Canada, who wants input from YOU on their Pre-Budget Consultations.

Spend a few minutes of your time to tell the Government of Canada you care today! 

1. One Minute:  READ the one-page TREES PLEASE SUBMISSION to the Federal Government’s Pre-Budget Consultation

2. Fifteen Minutes: EMAIL the Honourable Chrystia Freeland, Minister of Finance [], and copy Jim Carr [], our MP. View sample wording by clicking below.  DOWNLOAD SAMPLE EMAIL; You can copy and paste text from this document to your email.

The budget process is underway now, please do this as soon as you can! ​

Thank you for taking the time — every voice counts in helping our governments hear we care about our trees. 

** Please forward this message and attachments to your friends and neighbours who also care about trees. **

* Trees Please Winnipeg is a city-wide association of resident and community groups, working together with Tree Canada, The David Suzuki Foundation, Trees Winnipeg, OURS Winnipeg, the Manitoba Urban Forest Council, The Ontario Urban Forest Council, LEAF Ontario, The Manitoba Eco-Network, Reforest London, REEP, Green Ventures and The Oakvillegreen Conservation Association Inc. to secure long-term sustainable funding for urban forests across Canada

To stay informed about Trees Please Winnipeg, follow us on Facebook. 

Tree Planting 2020

Thanks to Councilor John Orlikow we were allowed to spend up to $2,000 of a grant allocated to the park to buy some trees for the park to fill in holes where trees were dying. We hauled the trees back from Jeffries Nurseries in Portage in Roger’s truck, and had a successful planting bee on Saturday October 2nd. Thanks to everyone who helped plant the trees!

We were amazed at how dry the soil was when we dug our holes, so it’s a sign that we need to give all our young trees lots of water before winter sets in.


This weekend, Sonja Lundstrom organized  snowman building on Sunday afternoon, creating a little group of figures to great people entering the park at the Harvard and Ruskin corner.


Tuesday morning there was a little girl, about 3 years old,  going from one snowman to the other, gently hugging each one.

Snowment00008        Snowment00005